Why you should use WordPress for Your company’s website

June 6, 2015

An issue for any startup or small business owner is getting their brand out there, poised to be easily found by customers and clients that are seeking their services. A well-constructed website is paramount to this, however, constructing the right type of site for effective communication of your brand and service can pose challenges. Issues such as lack of content/SEO, difficulty in updating the content and an overly complicated content management system can impact the effectiveness of the site. The content management system is the software package that allows you to manage the site from the backend, allowing management of posts and blog entries, images and any interactive features of the site.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a globally recognised brand that serves as a content management system, or CMS, for more than 20% of websites world-wide. Companies large and small use it for their sites, many to great success, and it is one of the easiest available packages to use. Though some question its capabilities, it has proven itself time and again for many businesses and is updated regularly throughout the year by its development team. Both .com and .org versions are available, though it is recommended that you use the latter. This allows you to download the CMS to your host server free of charge and fully manage your content. The .com version comes with some restrictions and requires payment to access extra features.

Why WordPress?

The back-end control panel is easy to navigate and use once installed, making it both user-friendly, and simple enough to use for site developers of any skill level, from novice through to the advanced professional.

It is an open source platform that is constantly being developed and patched by a vibrant, global network of experts. Furthermore, company developers typically issue automatic updates at least twice a year, ensuring the platform remains agile, efficient, secure and relevant.

As well as the open source development above, this community of peers have also assembled an extensive library of tutorials and dedicated forums aimed at troubleshooting issues and site development. There are thousands of themes available to customise your site, and these tutorials cover everything required to get started quickly and solve problems easily. The forums allow the user to pose a direct question to the community if they are unable to locate a tutorial relevant to their issue, or simply for seeking advice. Due to the high volume of skilled developers available, direct responses do not generally take very long.

The platform allows ease of access to plugins designed to offer certain functionality and improvements to your site. These plugins include, for example, SEO, security and traffic logging functions.

Must-have Plugins

As mentioned above, there are a variety of plugins available, which can be selected based on desired functionality and the nature of the site. There are, however, some plugins that are highly recommended within the online community, designed to offer increased performance and security.

An SEO plugin is available and designed to optimise the level of traffic to the site. It will offer you peace of mind that the site you are developing is in the most advantageous position to attract traffic based on the selected keywords and to analyse this traffic so that you can identify what works best. iThemes security is a plugin that is highly recommended for improving backend security and WP Clone will back up your data.

WordPress is an advanced CMS that is accessible to users of all levels and free to download. It offers startups and small business owners the opportunity to build a high quality site, even on a tight budget, based on the themes, plugins etc. It is a highly useful tool and ideal for managing your site.

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