Web Design Choices That You Should Avoid

September 28, 2015

Websites used to be just about putting information out there on the World Wide Web. Much focus wasn’t on web design, rather on content, but the emergence of e-commerce and social media marketing has given rise to fierce competition amongst website owners targeting same audience which has in turn caused a change in this thought pattern. The way it is right now, if your website’s design isn’t cool enough then you are not ready to compete. Web development has become an absolute necessity if you are looking to sell your services to internet customers

Why Website Design Is Important

Website design has become one of the many strategies which aid websites in selling their brand identity. These days, web surfers are spoiled for choices, which makes most intolerant and impatient towards poor designed websites. Below are some design choices you should avoid:

  • Unreadable Fonts
    Using fonts that would make reading the content of your website a rather unwanted chore should be avoided by all means. Don’t make them too small or too thin, put enough space between letters so the users can scan through your pages easily and finally add a line height of at least 1.2x of your font size.
  • Poor Quality Images
    Images in your website shouldn’t look like they were snapped with a low end camera phone. The need for professionalism in web design can’t be said just enough, and instead of using images that don’t do your brand any favours in terms of the standard you are looking to set, use stock photos instead.
  • Faint Navigation Bar/Icon
    Sometimes you arrive at a website and you just can’t find your way around things. If you aren’t making it easy for visitors to move about within your website, then don’t expect them back anytime soon. The navigation icons should be visible for all to see, don’t make people look for it.
  • Omitting “About Us” Page
    The “about us” is a very important part of your website, and very strategic too. The “about us” gets the very best of attentions on websites. It is the page where you are free to brag a little and talk about your company’s achievements, recommendations and the awards it has received delivering the services it is best known for.
    In a bit, your “about us” page could be the absolute summary of everything you have wanted your customer to understand from the other pages of your website, as well as an avenue to let them know about your other websites and other services you offer.
  • Filling Pages With Irrelevant Contents
    Now how do some people even manage to do this? There is a saying that “anything worth doing, is worth doing well”. So it wouldn’t be worth the while to fill your website with plenty keywords and little quality. The idea shouldn’t be just about traffic, you should also talk a good game, everything that can be said to show you really know what you are doing.
  • Too Many Colours
    Colours are sometimes combined so uniquely that they can even be used in place of a logo in representing a brand. That’s how important colours are in the design make up of your website, so the lesser colour the better.
  • Intro Pages/ Splash Screens
    Well there isn’t much to say about this

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