Using audio as part of your content marketing

July 13, 2015

The popularity of video content in social media marketing and across web design can sometimes mean you neglect other forms of content creation when at the planning stage of your content marketing strategy for your brand. Here we take a look at alternatives.

Is video always the way to go?

Video is seen to be the highest driver of social engagement, with video content having twice the social engagement of text, links and static images. However, relying solely on this type of content to deliver the range of engagement you desire, the sales leads you are looking for and the return on investment your client or manager demands can alienate your customers.

Mix your message


One example of either alternative or additional content that could engage with the right target audiences is audio. After the success of podcasting returned recently, seen in the crime drama ‘Serial’, audio content in general has shown its potential for reaching and converting potential customers through channels such as Twitter and Facebook.

Whilst not providing a moving image to engage with people, audio has the potential to entice those who may be unable to watch videos at certain times. The increasing use of smartphones as intrinsic parts of every day life provide more and more opportunities where audio marketing may be the best opportunity – be it when driving, on a busy train, or relaxing in the sun.

This could be achieved both through audio adverts on platforms such as the music streaming site Spotify, which have proven hugely popular with certain brands, as well as making use of audio-based social media outlets like Soundcloud.

Watch the pursestrings


If budgets are tight, audio is also a cost effective method to get more bang for your budget whilst not relying solely on the written word and imagery. Indeed, images can me mixed with audio social content in a much more cost effective way than the creation of a video, which can cost thousands – a radio quality audio clip and even a full length podcast can be made for a few hundred pounds.

If a mixed marketing strategy is crucial to the content you create regardless of if you work in-house or for a range of clients, making use of audio is a fantastic way to deliver a mixed content plan without breaking the bank

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