Marketing on social media: 4 of the best

June 29, 2015

Everyone and his dog uses social media to market their product these days, but that doesn’t mean they all do it well. We’ve picked four of the best examples – follow their lead and you’ll do just fine!



One of the most important things in social media marketing is the ability to react quickly to things and capitalise on a social media ‘moment’ when there’s an event or occurrence that everyone is talking about.

In 2013 there was a blackout at the Superbowl, the biggest event in the American sporting calendar. Oreo’s social media team responded immediately with the now famous ‘you can still dunk in the dark’ tweet, which went viral – all it involved was a picture of an Oreo in the dark, but it worked because it bought into a moment.



It’s also important to translate online popularity into offline sales, which Coke achieved perfectly with their Share a Coke campaign. It saw people’s names printed on Coke cans and bottles, which in turn saw images of those cans and bottles shared online, driving sales of the product in the real world and creating a self-fulfilling cycle of people buying the product Coke was marketing.



Don’t market all the time. Innocent Drinks has an enormous and loyal following on its social media channels, but a very small proportion of the output is actively selling a product. Instead, they share funny original content, talk to their followers and encourage them to engage.

This type of social media marketing creates the idea of a ‘friendly’ brand in the consumer – the sort of brand they’re more likely to give their money to!



Tugging the heartstrings is always a sure-fire way to get likes, which is just what Always did with their #LikeAGirl campaign. By sharing content online before it was broadcast on TV, they built an appetite for it and made social media followers feel special.

They also tied in a hashtag from the start, allowing people to have conversations on the hashtag and building momentum for the campaign.

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