An Introduction to Consent Marketing

August 3, 2015

When most envision website design and web development as a whole, terms such as “SEO” and “content marketing” will often rise to the surface. There is no doubt that such strategies are very important, but another focus should revolve around what is known as consent marketing. Let us take a look at this basic principle in order to understand why it can be so very effective in capturing an audience.

The Proactive Stance

The main idea behind consent marketing is that a company sends out regular newsletters to provide active users with the ability to appreciate any new steps that company is taking. As this tends to be a smaller niche in regards to those who desire to be kept in the proverbial loop, the term “consent” is appropriate here. In simpler terms, any organisation will take proactive stance as opposed to assuming that followers will keep up to date themselves.

Modern Solutions for Modern Times

We should also appreciate that the basic principles of search engine optimisation have evolved dramatically over the last few years. No longer are static websites sufficient to drive revenue nor will brand identity be established (and reinforced) by print alone. Due to such an increased amount of competition throughout the UK, it is now critical to enable the customer to feel as if his or her needs are being directly catered to. Newsletters and regularly targeted updates will help to accomplish this.

The Importance of New Search Engine Rankings

Google has likewise made some changes in regards to how websites are ranked. Without delving too much into newer algorithms and updates such as Penguin and Pigeon, the truth of the matter is that rankings are now heavily based upon the type of content that is marketed, its “freshness” and how clients interact with the site itself. This is the very same reason that social media marketing has played such a pivotal role in the success (or lack thereof) of a certain enterprise. So, targeted newsletters will breed a more loyal client base. The site will be visited more frequently and the likelihood of return business is dramatically increased. All of these will help to boost rankings and increase exposure.

Top Tips and Suggestions

Thankfully, addressing a certain audience is quite easy. After determining which ones should be targeted through Google Analytics or similar monitoring platforms, email automation software can be used. This is able to send regular updates out to a select audience within a predetermined time frame.

Once this information is sent, it is important to know its impact upon the business. So, continue tracking metrics such as inbound leads, clickthrough rates and online purchases. Should these numbers have increased, it is likely caused by a correctly implemented consent marketing strategy. If little change is noted, if may be time to review the content that was sent and even the audience that it was sent to. The bottom line is simple. Actively monitoring the results of consent marketing will enable the business to make any on-the-fly chances that are necessary.

There is no doubt that consent marketing has featured prominently in recent times. Alongside proper branding, robust social media marketing and effective search engine optimisation techniques, web development can be taken to the next level and beyond. Such approaches are critical when we consider that businesses throughout the United Kingdom are facing more competition than ever before.

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