How to time your Facebook marketing

September 21, 2015

Facebook boasts 948 million daily active users on average used the social networking site in June 2015 alone… impressed? You should be, as Facebook also reports a massive 1.49 billion monthly active users as of the end of June 2015. With numbers like that, Facebook marketing is impossible to ignore, but is timing the key to success?

Time of day to post

It seems obvious, but to be successful your posts need to be visible to your audience so timing is critical. The best time of day to post will also depend on your objective; whether you’re looking for likes, clicks or shares. Much research has been done on the best time of day to post on Facebook with a variety of results – Adweek found golden hours to be: 1pm for the most shares and 3pm for the most clicks.

To get a true reflection of the best time of day for you to post on Facebook, we strongly suggest checking out your Facebook Insights panel, where you will find real, meaningful information on when your audience is online. Go to your Facebook page > Insights > Posts, from there you will see a graph entitled “When your fans are online” this graph shows you the times your fans were online over the course of 1 week, allowing visual identification of the peak times. Hovering over the day blocks at the top of the page will change the graph to reflect that specific day. So, no more guess work or generic hints and tips! These are your personalised results showing exactly when your audience are online and when you have the best chance of posts being visible on Facebook.

Scheduling posts

So, now that you know when to post it’s time to get those scheduled posts up and running. Unlike other social media platforms, Facebook offers its business users the option to schedule posts in advance; simply set up your post as usual and instead of hitting Publish” select the arrow next to this and you will see an option to schedule. It’s that simple and means that you can post from your Facebook page without even logging in!

Targeting posts

Another great feature of Facebook is that you can narrow down your audience and just post to specific audiences. In order to do this first go to settings and in the general setting there is an option for news feed audience and visibility for posts and go ahead and turn this option on. If you now go to write a new post you will see a targeting button with many filters such as age, location, gender etc. Imagine how well this could work in conjunction with accurately timed posts, for example a ladies networking event and you just want to let females in a particular location know.

Facebook Insights

As mentioned earlier, you will find a wealth of information in your Facebook insights tab. Experiment with a mixture of posts, including with and without images, links and video content, then head over to the insights tab to figure out what your audience responds best to and when.

Facebook News Feed Updates

Facebook is ever-developing so always look out for new feature announcements from Mr Zuckerberg and co. With the recent announcement of an impending dislike button, content and timing of posts are going to be more important than ever, so stay ahead of the game and ensure your social media marketing is timed to perfection.

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