New WordPress Theme: Philomina

March 9, 2016

We are glad to present our new WordPress theme Philomina, available for download for free at

This is a very clean and minimalistic template perfect for fashion blogs or websites that make a huge use of  high quality images. Its accessible on all screen sizes, and it’s optimised to support multiple translations. We added some nice load and unload effects throughout the theme and added a Lightbox feature for the images.

We’ve limited customisation at this time but we highly welcome your suggestions (leave a comment below) and if reasonable we will include it in the next update.

Behind the scenes

  • This theme was actually designed 2 years ago (summer 2013), during a moment of inspiration.
  • 5 different layouts with the same clean and minimalistic style were sketched that evening.
  • 3 of them were mocked up in photoshop that same evening.
  • Development for “concept 1” (Philomina) started in Summer 2014 during the holidays and was planned to be a premium template with asynchronous page navigation and lots of options.
  • This summer the design was simplified, stripped off all the unnecessary features and published for free :)

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