Responsive Design & Development

Advanced Orthopedic Surgeons

Advanced Orthopedic Surgeons is a specialised clinic with extensive experience in minimally invasive hip replacement surgery, and hip, knee, and shoulder arthroscopy. The branding and website designs where made as part of a pitch for the project.

The website needed at least 2 page templates, one for the home page and one for the internal pages. The main goal was  to be an orthopaedic portfolio with the ability to schedule appointments online.

I was asked to design a clean and professional website that incorporates solid typography and gives visitors confidence while adhering to current design standards and best practices.

Most doctor’s sites are old and unsightly;  If you look up “Doctors” on google you will find 100’s of terrible designed websites. Those are exactly the sites they didn’t want!

Although at the time there wasn’t a website to re-design or a brand to re-define, the brief was quite clear, so I started looking around to see how other clinics approached their design, I made a list of the main characteristics and patterns, and I tried avoiding them as much as possible.

I designed 7 different page templates to suit the information contained in the website – Home Page, About, Portfolio, List of services, online booking and contact page with map. And although the layout is based on a common design grid, the balance between colours and spacing on various elements, plus the way it smoothly adapts to smaller devices makes using it a very pleasurable experience.

Here’s a coded client-side demonstration of the site.

aos-ipads aos-laptopaos-iphone