Twitter tricks for better marketing

July 6, 2015

We all know that social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective means of spreading your message and selling your product. Twitter is one of the most effective marketing mediums, too, and has been proven time and again to outrank Facebook marketing when it comes to pure sales.

Are you making the most of your Twitter feed, though? Here are some helpful hints to help you improve:

1. Schedule your tweets


Don’t leave your Twitter feed silent for three days. Make sure you have a schedule of tweets, ideally several times a day. If you don’t have much to say, curate other people’s Tweets, retweet and stay active. Also check the level of engagement to build a strategy around your unique audience.

2. Use hashtags


Hashtags are how people will find you. Without them, you could be firing tweets off all day and find that nobody truly pays attention. Check for trending topics, apply the hashtag and use it to your advantage.

3. Don’t sell constantly


Get some personality into your Twitter feed. Make it interesting, like a real person is actually behind the account. If you’re having a conversation at a party and you’re constantly bombarded with sales pitches, you’re going to move to another group. It’s the same on Twitter, so keep your conversation entertaining and interesting if you want people to stick around and listen to you when you have something to sell.

4. Be careful with comedy


So many people have come a cropper when trying to be funny on Twitter that you have to be careful. By all means be entertaining, but be very, very careful with any joke that could be seen as insensitive. Before you know it, a poor attempt at humour could be featured around the world for all the wrong reasons and the damage to your company’s reputation could take a long time to undo. So tread carefully.

5. Promote tweets


Social media marketing is supremely cheap. That may change in the future. So take advantage of this great resource while you can and put some money behind your most important tweets. See the effect it has on your following and work out a strategy to make the most of your Twitter budget for the future.

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